Fr. Alexander Goussetis has served as pastor, university professor, retreat leader, and speaker for almost twenty years. He has authored three books published and distributed by Light & Life Publishing and one book published by Holy Cross Orthodox Press:

  • Renewed Day by Day
    A book featuring 28 exercises for learning and developing deeper practices in Orthodox spirituality
  • Encountering World Religions: An Orthodox Christian Perspective
    A book offering the basic teachings of many of the world religions with an Orthodox Christian response
  • A Rebel’s Journey: A Novel of Doubt & Christian Transformation
    A book that uses a fiction backdrop to engage young adults in searching for the ancient Christian faith
  • Seed for the Sower:
    Part l offers a brief historical survey of the role of preaching in the Orthodox Church. Part ll presents practical examples of a contemporary homiletic style

Fr. Goussetis is a former CPA, a graduate of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, and has earned a doctoral degree from Andover Newton Theological School in the field of Psychology and Pastoral Counseling. His pastoral emphasis is making the Orthodox faith relevant to people in their everyday life, and in educating our faithful in articulating the teachings of the Church to others.

As a result of teaching World Religions at Youngstown State University, Fr. Goussetis became renewed in encouraging his flock to accept the challenges of living in a pluralistic world:

“The more we learn about Orthodoxy, the more we can share our faith with the world around us. The more we learn about other religions, the more effective we can be in dialoguing about the treasure of Orthodoxy.”

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